About us


I am Rebecca, my fiancee and I live in a tiny town in little New Hampshire, USA. I have been crocheting for a major part of my life I seem to have run out of people to give my creations too. My best friend suggested selling online and after a bit of research, here I am! I hope to start a family someday, but first we must find a home with more space,so why not do it with crafts!

Mandy Carter

Chief Creative Consultant  

She does it all!

I bounce my crazy ideas off of her and she gives me sage advice, all while balancing her own business, being a loving wife, trying to tame 2 tiny human tornadoes and crocheting with me to keep her sanity. To top it all off she is right by my side getting sun burnt at craft fairs with me. I love this woman and you will too!

Joe Myrdek

Chief Tech Dude

This guy deals with all my tech questions, including graphics and social media things. He and his wife are raising 2 little ones, several jobs and he still finds time to help me out. Give this guy a round of applause! 

Padraic Clancy

Support group

Yep you read that right, this guy is my support group and my rock. My boyfriend of 6 years that has never waivered in supporting this business. He gets a standing ovation for putting up with all my yarn and crazy creations! I heart you!